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Burgh Beautiful Linlithgow

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Burgh Beautiful Linlithgow is primarily involved in 'hands-on' work, creating and maintaining all the town's public floral displays - hanging baskets, beds and plant containers - carrying out tree planting and other environmental improvements, encouraging wildlife and enhancing the urban scene generally.


Doocot in Learmonth GardensLearmonth Gardens


Linlithgow Civic Trust

Linlithgow Civic Trust

The Civic Trust aims to encourage the conservation of the town’s historic buildings and environment, and tries to ensure that new development is of good design, appropriate to the town’s character. We organise relevant visits and lectures and produce publications and merchandise that help to promote Linlithgow.

churchLinlithgow's Historic Buildings


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Linlithgow Burgh Trust
Annual General Meeting
Thursday 23 November at 7:30pm

Minutes of 2022 AGM
2022-23 Accounts

Plague & Pestilence in Linlithgow & Beyond

Bruce Jamieson: Wednesday, 29 November - Queen Margaret Hall at 7:30pm (doors at 7:20). <More>

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