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Burgh Beautiful Linlithgow aims to enhance the Royal Burgh of Linlithgow's historic environment through its horticultural, environmental and community activities, encouraging civic pride and making the town more attractive to visitors.  We take a ‘whole town’ approach, not just focussing on the town centre, and provide most of its floral displays throughout the year.

Since the local authority (West Lothian Council) withdrew all its funding for seasonal planting in 2015, Burgh Beautiful has adopted all the former Council displays (with some amendments to the balance of planting).  This was achieved thanks to wonderful financial and voluntary support from local individuals, groups and businesses, even taking responsibility for ‘high amenity’ grass cutting where required for the setting of our displays - greatly valued assistance which still continues.

Burgh Beautiful's volunteers, along with community partners, now maintain 124 hanging baskets, 98 planters/barrels and 35 flowerbeds.  In addition, the work of our community gardeners in the town centre is particularly impressive.  Complementary activities, some by other parts of the Linlithgow Burgh Trust, include the encouragement of wildlife and wildflowers, promotion of sustainable materials such as peat-free compost, anti-litter initiatives, heritage interpretation and events, working with schools, tourism promotion, public art, tree planting and fund-raising events.

We have regular seasonal activities throughout the year, mostly concerned with planting.  Summer is the busiest time!  We have summer plants in the beds, tubs and hanging baskets in time for the Marches, with our Plant Sale at the beginning of June and usually an Autumn Fair at the end of September.  In winter, we make wreaths in time for Christmas, and have stalls at Linlithgow's Advent Fayre.  Spring is the usual time for most of the litter picks.

Have a look at the bottom of this page for the latest on what is planned for the coming months!

Anyone can come along and help out with the activities. We would love to see new faces as well as the familiar faces.  If you would like to join our merry band of volunteers, or if you would like to sponsor our floral displays, please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..




What's been happening recently

Trees, Trees Beautiful Trees

For an update on what has been happening at Rosemount Park and Triangle Community Wood, including a list of the tree types in the park click here.


Planting Up of Hanging Baskets

The hanging baskets were filled with compost by the scouts and then Myra and Ron Smith undertook the enormous effort of filling the baskets with the plants. The baskets are now ready to replace the winter baskets in the town. A huge thanks to all concerned.

Summer Hanging Baskets in the Greenhouse
Summer Hanging Baskets in the Polytunnel  













Children’s mosaics challenge climate change

Six Linlithgow area primary schools created spectacular mosaic panels to illustrate a nature project linked to the town. The project began in 2019 thanks to a generous donation, and each school was asked to feature a theme linked to combating climate change and also to incorporate a Linlithgow landmark in their design. The school logos and colour of uniforms help identify which school created each mosaic.

We acknowledge with thanks the support of Platform Three, Equitone, The Turf Shop, Tesco, staff and pupils at all Linlithgow area primary schools plus many individuals.

Four of the six panels are now on display in the Tesco windows at the Low Port roundabout, east end of Linlithgow High Street, where they illustrate some of the concerns associated with Climate Change. 

Bridgend Primary School Mosaic

Bridgend Primary School Mosaic -

Protect Our Planet


Linlithgow Primary School Mosaic

Linlithgow Primary School Mosaic -

Trees Capture Carbon


Tesco Manager in front of Springfield Primary School's Mosaic

 Tesco Manager



The project was initiated by Burgh Beautiful thanks to a donation from Platform 3 in 2019. Pupils, staff and volunteers are to be congratulated for coping with many challenges, not least Covid. The children, inspired by Greta Thunberg, want to motivate everyone to act, to protect our planet and generate hope for the future. The panels show great creativity and encourage conversations amongst all of us.

The other two panels, from Low Port and Linlithgow Bridge Primary Schools will be appearing soon.

The panels are truly beautiful and also deliver a message to us all. Be sure to go and see them for yourselves.







St Joseph's Primary School Mosaic

St. Joseph's Primary School Mosaic -

Insects and Pollinators


Springfield Primary School Mosaic

Springfield Primary School Mosaic -

Climate Change Matters





Trees for Planting

Donated Scots Pine

Triangle Wood Master Plan Map

Team Talk

Tree Planting

On Sunday 16th January, 35 Burgh Beautiful members and friends joined the Environmental Responsibility Group of Burgh Beautiful to plant about 300 young trees at the developing Triangle wood by the Union canal. The tree slips were donated by the Woodland Trust and on this occasion comprised of Dogwood, Rowan, Silver Birch and Hawthorn. See Roger Livermore's Triangle Wood Master Plan in the photograph below.

A donated Scots Pine was also planted after being carried for some considerable distance by some very strong volunteers. It towers over the smaller recently planted trees but looks magnificent.

This is the third successive year of tree planting on the site, and completes the main effort, with a total of approximately 1,000 trees from a number of native species planted. Further maintenance work will be required to control deer grazing as the trees develop. We thank everyone who has participated in tree planting over the years and hope that they will enjoy seeing the wood develop over time. 

Where is Triangle Wood?

National Grid Ref: NS 980 761

Triangle Wood and its extension run eastwards in current grassland bounded by the Union Canal and A706, west of the Leisure Centre at Kettilstoun.  Linlithgow Community Development Trust has an ambitious plan to develop a Cycle Circuit and wider sports facility for which over £500,000 has already been raised. 

Why have trees been planted?

Trees are vital to help combat climate change and compensate for deforestation and urban growth. The focus is on native trees: Willow, Alder, Hazel, Rowan, Birch and Hawthorn with a few other native species: Oak, Ash, Scots Pine and the occasional Sycamore. They will eventually provide a shelter belt while opening up a network of paths and adding to diversity of habitats for wildlife. 

Who is involved?

West Lothian Council owns the land. Linlithgow Community Development Trust will be leaseholders. Over the past few years, the Woodland Trust has contributed over 840 trees with canes and guards. Along with other donations, Burgh Beautiful volunteers and community involvement have planted almost 1000 native trees. 

On-line Sponsorship Form

If you'd like to sponsor any number of trees (at £5 each), then please click here for an on-line tree sponsorship form.  A certificate will acknowledge the number of trees sponsored.

For further information contact   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Planted Silver Birch

Using Recycled Tubes

Dog Wood

Teasing out roots 



Beautiful Scotland 2021 Awards

 Beautiful Scotland Judging Day 2021


We are very pleased to have achieved 'Gold' in the 'Medium Town' category plus winning the 'Visit Scotland Award for Tourism', which recognises best practice in the promotion of tourism - in our case taking account of such projects as our 'Floral Trails' booklet and our civic heritage sculptures of the 'Black Bitch' and St. Michael, not to mention Dudley of course! We also received a Community Horticulture Award, recognising in particular the superb quality of Audrey Simpson's community garden at the West Port flats, described by the judges as 'faultless'.

See the Competitions tab for more details.

Beautiful Scotland Gold Winner 2021
Visit Scotland Award for Tourism 2021
Community Horticulture Award 2021

If you are interested in getting involved in any Burgh Beautiful activities, including administrative tasks if you are not particularly 'green fingered', please contact Jean Long (Tel 01506 843461 or e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.). We look forward to your support in whatever way you would like to contribute.