Linlithgow Civic Trust


Linlithgow - A Plan for the Future 2015 - 2030

"Linlithgow - A Plan for the Future 2015- 2030" is a holistic plan, developed on behalf of the Linlithgow community by the Linlithgow Planning Forum.  It was largely based on earlier proposals made by Linlithgow Civic Trust.   It is available for viewing or download:

LCT Responses to Planning Consultation

LCT reviews all planning applications in Linlithgow and comments constructively on those that will have a significant impact.  Responses that are of gereral interest will be posted here.

Linlithgow Planning Forum

Established by Linlithgow Civic Trust and the Linlithgow and Linlithgow Bridge Community Council, the Linlithgow Planning Fourm discusses what would be right for Linlithgow and responds to planning proposals.

Linlithgow Planning Forum has recently published two articles on planning in the "Black Bitch" community magazine and they are available here for download:

LCT Planning Policy Documents

"Nature for Homes" -  Linlithgow Civic Trust has been concerned about the lack of attention given to biodiversity and nature matters by housebuilders and have therefore drawn up the a policy document on which LCT will judge future housing developments in Linlithgow. It is available for viewing or download:


You can contact Joyce Hartley, LCT Planning Spokesman, on matters related to planning in Linlithgow by email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.