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Children’s mosaics challenge climate change

Six Linlithgow area primary schools created spectacular mosaic panels to illustrate a nature project linked to the town. The project began in 2019 thanks to a generous donation, and each school was asked to feature a theme linked to combating climate change and also to incorporate a Linlithgow landmark in their design. The school logos and colour of uniforms help identify which school created each mosaic.

We acknowledge with thanks the support of Platform Three, Equitone, The Turf Shop, Tesco, staff and pupils at all Linlithgow area primary schools plus many individuals.

Four of the six panels are now on display in the Tesco windows at the Low Port roundabout, east end of Linlithgow High Street, where they illustrate some of the concerns associated with Climate Change. 

Bridgend Primary School Mosaic

Bridgend Primary School Mosaic -

Protect Our Planet


Linlithgow Primary School Mosaic

Linlithgow Primary School Mosaic -

Trees Capture Carbon


Tesco Manager in front of Springfield Primary School's Mosaic

 Tesco Manager



The project was initiated by Burgh Beautiful thanks to a donation from Platform 3 in 2019. Pupils, staff and volunteers are to be congratulated for coping with many challenges, not least Covid. The children, inspired by Greta Thunberg, want to motivate everyone to act, to protect our planet and generate hope for the future. The panels show great creativity and encourage conversations amongst all of us.

The other two panels, from Low Port and Linlithgow Bridge Primary Schools will be appearing soon.

The panels are truly beautiful and also deliver a message to us all. Be sure to go and see them for yourselves.







St Joseph's Primary School Mosaic

St. Joseph's Primary School Mosaic -

Insects and Pollinators


Springfield Primary School Mosaic

Springfield Primary School Mosaic -

Climate Change Matters